The Motocross Sports Medicine and Science (MXSMS) program is an organization of leading professionals interested in the Medical, Scientific and Educational aspects of the human element in Motocross and Motorsports.

The MXSMS Program is a not-for-profit organization focused on developing and improving Amateur and Professional Motocross safety and sustainability. It leads projects and activities that encourage the development and communication of new and improved safety technologies that facilitate higher standards of education and training and raise awareness of safety and sustainability issues.

The MXSMS Program will promote Research and Discussion relating to Safety and Performance in motocross, disseminate that information to the motocross industry, participants, race team owners and management, sanctioning organizations, promoters, track owners, sponsors and federations.

The primary purpose of the MXSMS is to inform the international motocross community and the motorsports industry scientific and medical disciplines, as well as the general public of the latest innovations, Medical and Scientific Research on human performance and safety in Motocross and Supercross.
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